What is BT CallMobile?

Published 18/05/2004 15:50   |    Updated 23/02/2009 15:09
What is BT CallMobile?

BT CallMobile helps you to save money on your calls to mobiles. Calls to mobiles can often make up a huge chunk of your phone bill, especially if you have teenagers in the house!. “CallMobile” is a mobile ‘add on’ product for all daytime, evening and weekend calls across all mobile operators for just €1.96 per month.


Designed to save you money on your calls to Irish mobiles – it offers 33% off all mobile rates at any time of the day or night, any day of the week. Calls will be charged as outlined below (in addition to Talk, Talk Plus or Total Talk, Inclusive of VAT @ 21.5%):



Peak Cost

Off Peak Cost

BT standard rate to Irish mobiles

21.09c per minute

13.56c per minute

BT rate to Irish mobiles with CallMobile

14.13c per minute

9.08c per minute


BT's CallMobile rates versus eircom's standard rates to all mobile operators.


Eircom Standard Rates (per minute)

BT Call Mobile Rates (per min)

Savings with BT


Day 21.09c

 Peak 14.13c

 35% savings

Evening 14.95

 Off Peak 9.08c

 39% savings


Day 21.07c

 Peak 14.13c

 33% savings

Evening 17.09c

 Off Peak 9.08c

 47% savings


Day 26.56c

 Peak 14.13c

 47% savings

Evening 17.49c

 Off Peak 9.08c

 48% savings


Day 29.31c

 Peak 14.13c

 52% savings

Evening 19.54c

 Off Peak 9.08c

 53% savings

How will I be charged for CallMobile?

You will be charged for CallMobile on your existing residential bi-monthly bill. You will see this charge as a re-occurring subscription charge of €3.92 (i.e. €1.96 per month x 2 months, Inclusive of VAT @ 21.5%).



How many calls would I need to make on Talk or Talk Plus per month to make it worth my while to order CallMobile?

You should spend a  minimum of €6 on Mobile calls per month, which equates to approximately 28 minutes of daytime (peak) mobile calls at 21c per minute.



Does a minimum term contract apply to the new CallMobile bolt on?

No, you are free to add or remove the CallMobile bolt on service up to a maximum of 3 times within a calendar year without penalty.


Note: CallMobile must be ordered as an add-on to either Talk, Talk Plus, Talk A Lot or as part of a Broadband Bundle.



Peak times: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm.


Off Peak times: Monday to Thursday, 7pm – 7am
and 7pm Friday – 7am Monday.



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