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Published 18/05/2004 16:11   |    Updated 23/03/2009 18:31
What do I need to do if I am moving home?



Moving home can sometimes be a stressful process; however relocating your BT services is simple and easy, it’s one thing you won’t need to worry about.


Move all your BT services.

We can arrange the transfer of your BT Broadband and BT phone line with one simple phone call. We will also transfer your BT Calling Plan and any BT Calling Features to your new address automatically so you won't miss out on any services.



Starting your move.

To begin the process of moving your BT services please call our Customer Care centre on Freephone 1904. Our advisors will ask you a few simple questions in order to complete an online relocation form on your behalf. This form will then be processed by our Relocations team who will ensure your BT services are up and running in your new premises as soon as possible.


BT Ireland Customer Care hours of operation are, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and from 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.


The more notice you give us about your move, the more likely it is we can set up your services on a day that suits you. Where possible please call us at least a week (preferably 10 days) before you leave your current residence.


Before calling Customer Care, please have the following information to hand.

  • Your current home phone number and BT account number.
  • The full address of your new home.

  • The date on which you plan to leave your present home.
  • The date on which you intend to move into your new home.

  • A list of your current BT services that you wish to relocate.
  • An alternative landline or mobile contact number.

  • Whether the premises you are moving to is a newly built home.
  • Whether the new home had an active line within the last 6 months.


If your moving plans change.

If your plans change in any way, whether it is the date on which you desire to move or if there is any change to your new property, please let us know on 1904 and we'll do our best to help.



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