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  1. 22/07/09: BT and Vodafone Agreement
    Consumers and small businesses in Ireland will benefit from greater competition and choice, following a strategic partnership agreed between BT and Vodafone.  The landmark contract will...
    Date Updated: 22/07/2009
  2. Q&A's regarding the BT and Vodafone Agreement
      Click here to read the full statement about the agreement between Vodafone and BT   What BT customers will transfer to Vodafone as part of this agreement?   This agreement involves...
    Date Updated: 22/10/2009
  3. What is a LoCall number?
    A LoCall number is prefixed by 1850 or 1890 .   Calls from your home phone or fixed line to a LoCall number are charged to you at the rate of a local call with BT Ireland.  Before calling a LoCall...
    Date Updated: 20/02/2008
  4. Information on 2009 National Number Change
    In order to meet demand for telephone services in certain areas, the Commission for Communications Regulation ComReg has announced changes to telephone numbers in some STD code areas.   These...
    Date Updated: 27/04/2009
  5. How do I switch off pre-dialling?
    Lift your telephone handset receiver and Press #53#  
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  6. Do I need to have a Touch-Tone Phone to use Short Cut Numbers?
    Yes. A touch-tone phone is needed to avail of this service.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  7. BT Home Phone Calling Features
    With Calling Features from BT your phone acts like your own personal assistant. These services are simple to operate and designed to make your life easier and your phone a lot more useful. BT Answer...
    Date Updated: 29/02/2008
  8. How many numbers can be stored on my phone?
    All customers with Touch-Tone Phones can have up to 10 numbers stored on their phone.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  9. What is Number Diversion Service?
    What is Number Diversion Service? Number Diversion Service ( NDS ) allows you to permanently forward calls from one location to another.   How do I get Number Diversion Service provisioned on my...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  10. Moving Home: Telephone Technician Visit
    When the BT Relocations team begin the process of moving your BT services they will carry out a line enquiry for your new property.   The result of the enquiry will determine what works needs to be...
    Date Updated: 26/05/2008