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Recommended Links
  1. A BT Bill Explained
    To make your BT bill as clear as possible, we have put together a step-by-step  guide  explaining what each page means. This should hopefully answer any questions you might have regarding the charges...
    Date Updated: 02/05/2008
  2. 22/07/09: BT and Vodafone Agreement
    Consumers and small businesses in Ireland will benefit from greater competition and choice, following a strategic partnership agreed between BT and Vodafone.  The landmark contract will...
    Date Updated: 22/07/2009
  3. Q&A's regarding the BT and Vodafone Agreement
      Click here to read the full statement about the agreement between Vodafone and BT   What BT customers will transfer to Vodafone as part of this agreement?   This agreement involves...
    Date Updated: 22/10/2009
  4. Online Billing Discount
    BT customers are billed once every two months. BT bills are posted on either the 8th, 14thand 24th of every second month. However, if you are registered to view your bills online you will not receive...
    Date Updated: 23/03/2009
  5. Can I pay using online banking?
    Unfortunately BT Ireland customers cannot avail of this service. All customers must pay by Direct Debit.
    Date Updated: 02/05/2008
  6. My last payment isn't showing on my bill
    If your last payment isn’t on your current bill it may just be that by the time your payment was lodged into our account, your bill had already been sent out. However, if this was the case then your...
    Date Updated: 27/02/2009
  7. DSFA and the Telephone Allowance Scheme
    If you are over seventy years old, you automatically qualify for the telephone allowance regardless of income and expenditure.   If you are under seventy, you must satisfy certain conditions before...
    Date Updated: 15/02/2008
  8. How do I apply for Telephone Allowance?
    If you have never received the allowance before , please contact your local social welfare office. Ask them to provide you with a letter proving you are eligible for the allowance. Send this letter...
    Date Updated: 25/02/2008
  9. Can I view previous bills online?
    Yes, you can view your three most recent bills from your online account on .   To view your previous bills online you need to be a registered online user and have a BT username and...
    Date Updated: 04/03/2008
  10. Changes to BT Online Billing Discount
    BT customers can choose to either receive their bills online or by post. If you opt for an online bill only, then you will be entitled to an  online bill discount of €1.25 per bill...
    Date Updated: 12/03/2009