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  1. BT Ireland Contact Numbers
    For RESIDENTIAL Customers   You can contact Customer Care on Freephone 1904 Opening hours  are Mon-Fri: 8am - 8pm Sat: 10am - 4pm Sundays & Bank Holidays: closed You can...
    Date Updated: 30/11/2009
  2. Monitor Active Connections
    There is an application which comes preloaded with Windows called NetStat, which will display your current network activity.   There are some options you can use with this command, but the following...
    Date Updated: 15/02/2008
  3. How do I upgrade to BT Business Broadband from my dial up connection?
    To upgrade from Dial up to BT Business Broadband, the first thing you need to do is make sure your line is compatible with BT Business Broadband. For a line check please call 1800 924 924 and option...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  4. How do I downgrade to Dial Up from my BT Business Broadband connection?
    To downgrade your BT Business Broadband to Dial up, the first thing you will have to do is advise BT that you wish to cancel the BT Business Broadband service. An order will have to be placed for the...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  5. How do I cancel my BT Business Broadband service?
    To cancel your BT Business Broadband service, you will need to provide a written request to BT. Send a fax on company headed note paper to 01 432 8377 detailing the cancellation request. There is a...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  6. What do I do if BT Business Broadband is not available at my new premises?
    If BT Business Broadband is not availble at your new premises you can apply for a credit to the amount of the remainder of your term when you cancel your old service. You can apply for dial up...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  7. Who should use BT Business Broadband?
    Small to medium sized companies as an always-on, high speed Internet connection ADSL or SDSL Medium to large companies as part of their access solution for data and internet products e.g. Frame...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  8. What is Metallic Path?
    It means the section of the telephone transmission network between the local telephone exchange and the customer’s premises.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  9. What is Line Sharing? (LS)
    Eircom continue to provide telephone services, while BT provides Broadband over the same telephone line. The line is effectively shared with voice and DSL data. Voice and data are separated by means...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  10. Can I get broadband on my ISDN line?
    Yes you can, however your ISDN line will change to a single line.  Do you use the second line on your ISDN e.g. for a fax?  If you do use it, we would strongly advise that you do not proceed with...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009