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  1. BT Voyager router won't accept my broadband User Name and Password
    The DSL light on the router is steady green, the router is ready to connect but my user name and password won't allow me to log on, why does this happen?   Firstly check and double check you are...
    Date Updated: 13/10/2009
  2. BT Broadband and My Own Modem
    Although you may use any broadband (ADSL / DSL) modem to connect to the BT  Broadband service, BT Technical Support will NOT   support any modem related issues (with the exception of   No DSL Sync...
    Date Updated: 29/02/2008
  3. Broadband Set-up Time
    Your account should be set up within 15 working days from receipt of your signed and correctly filled in application form.   For ISDN users or Customers who have an alarm system (e.g. phone watch) on...
    Date Updated: 15/02/2008
  4. Is there a contract with Broadband?
      Yes. There is a twelve month minimum term contract for all Broadband Call Bundle and Broadband only services.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  5. Broadband Roaming/CLI Specific
    The account will be CLI specific, meaning the account will be specific to the number of your phone line. Not all CLI's will be able to avail of the service and as such each successful order can only...
    Date Updated: 21/11/2005
  6. Helpdesk Support for my own Computer Problems
    The BT Broadband helpdesk is there to help you with problems relating specifically to the BT Broadband service and the hardware/software provided by BT.   If you have purchased a product where...
    Date Updated: 13/05/2008
  7. Connect a BT Voyager Wirelessly to a Games Console
    The necessary configuration needs to be performed on your games console, not on your BT Voyager router. Please follow the instructions provided with your games console (or its add-on wireless...
    Date Updated: 02/05/2008
  8. Troubleshooting a Broadband Connection Problem
    IMPORTANT : Firmware upgrade for users of BT Voyager routers. Please click  here for more information.   Click on a link below for advice about the most common broadband connection...
    Date Updated: 16/02/2009
  9. Net Free Non-BT Customer Access
    No, however BT customers get to avail of the cheapest non-subscription rates in Ireland of just 4c peak and 1c per minute off peak.   Peak times: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm.   Off Peak times: Monday...
    Date Updated: 27/06/2008
  10. BT Flat Rate (Evenings & Weekends): Frequently Asked Questions
    What is BT Flat Rate (Evenings & Weekends)? For a fixed monthly subscription fee, customers can use a dial-up Internet connection for an inclusive number of hours (30, 50 or 80) during evenings...
    Date Updated: 09/12/2008