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  1. Cannot send Emails since switching to BT
    To use an email address of another Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a BT Internet connection all you will need to do is adjust the settings of your email program.   If having recently changed to...
    Date Updated: 22/05/2008
  2. Flat Rate Anytime Download Speeds/Limits
    There are no download limits on Flat Rate Anytime. This is an analogue service so the speeds are as fast as your modem can offer.
    Date Updated: 21/11/2005
  3. How do I change my Telenumber service terminating number?
    Please contact Customer Care on 1800 924 924. Please have your terminating number ready as this will be needed on the call.
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  4. What is BT Meet Me?
    BT Meet Me is a completely "reservationless" phone conferencing service. Fast, simple and reliable, BT Meet Me is your personal meeting room, available 24 hours a day seven days a week from any...
    Date Updated: 13/02/2009
  5. "Message was cached but not flagged repairing"
    Because the mailbox of an IOL email account is only 10MB ( 5MB for Oceanfree) you may have a large mail waiting to be downloaded to the Webmail server.   If the total capacity of your Webmail folder...
    Date Updated: 29/02/2008
  6. Creating Dial-Up connections using Windows XP
    To create an Flat Rate Anytime  180 dial-up connection click here .   Flat Rate  30, 50 and 80 users please click here .   Net Free  users please click  here .  
    Date Updated: 23/04/2008
  7. Cannot send Email
    If you can access webpages and are able to receive email but not able to send any then the most likely cause would be an incorrect setting in your email program.   To be able to send email you need...
    Date Updated: 29/02/2008
  8. Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 to manage your Emails
    To create an account in Outlook 2003 you must already have a registered Email address.   For a step-by-step tutorial on how to configure your email account select one of the following:  ...
    Date Updated: 25/09/2009
  9. Pornographic spam Emails and harmful or illegal web content
    Unfortunately a large percentage of spam emails contain pornographic or disturbing images. While this is distasteful it may not be illegal, and therefore there is often nothing the police can do.  ...
    Date Updated: 05/03/2008
  10. Can I cancel a message I have already sent?
    For email messages the short answer is that you cannot . Many people who use email at their office are able to cancel sent messages at work. That is possible only because everyone in the office is...
    Date Updated: 12/02/2008