Transfer process from another broadband provider?

Published 28/11/2006 11:16   |    Updated 13/02/2009 12:56

What is the transfer process from another broadband provider?

It is simple to transfer your broadband from another broadband provider.  Just order the broadband on the line which is already broadband-enabled with the other provider and tick the boxes as follows on the order form: In the process you will be required to authorise your existing provider to cease your service and for BT to take it over. You must have discharged your responsibilities to your existing provider. (eg paid up to date).  The questions on the online form are:

Do you already have an active broadband service with another provider on the above telephone number?
Yes    No

Please select your current provider:              

For regulatory purposes you are required to authorise BT to transfer your existing service on your behalf. You will be asked to accept the associated terms and conditions when you are confirming your order.

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