What do the lights on my BT Voyager Router mean?

Published 13/05/2004 10:58   |    Updated 04/03/2008 11:21
What do the lights on my BT Voyager Router mean?


Wireless - The Wireless light is ON and Green when the Voyager is sending out a wireless signal, if this light is off Wireless is either disabled or there a problem.


Wired Network 1-4 - If any of the numbered lights are ON and Green it means you have an Ethernet cable connected in the port on the back of the Voyager corresponding to the number. This means you have connected a computer to the Router via a cable rather than Wirelessly.


Internet - This light will go ON and Green when you are successfully connected to the Internet. If this light is OFF it would indicate you need to go to  to reconnect.


NOTE: Click here and follow the instructions to upgrade the firmware on your Voyager router.


DSL - This light would be ON solid Green when your Voyager is correctly connected and is in sync with the modem housed in your local Telephone Exchange. If this light is Flashing Green it is currently trying to synchronize with the Exchange. Finally if this light is OFF then it is either not connected to the line correctly or there is an issue with the line or router.


NOTE: Click here to troubleshoot a DSL light that is off or flashing.


Power - The power light is pretty self explanatory, When it is ON and Green your Voyager has power and should be accessible.


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