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Published 13/05/2004 10:59   |    Updated 14/05/2009 11:11
What is BT Call International?

Call International will make calling overseas a whole lot cheaper! Once you sign up, for just €5.02 per month, you can make a fixed-line call to a country of your choice for the same price as a local call with BT Talk. For example, you could call someone as far away as China for the same rate as calling your next-door neighbour.


What’s more – if you already have an inclusive-minutes voice package like Talk Plus or Talk A Lot – it’s even better value as when you sign up to Call International, you can make calls to your selected country as part of your inclusive minutes! There are currently 24 popular destinations covered by Call International – and you can select up to 3 at any one time!


To order BT Call International, call 1800 812 202, or click here to order online.


Countries Available

Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, USA.


These additional countries were be added on May 7th 2009: Belguim, Croatia, Finland, Romania and the United Kingdom!


The table below shows the typical savings that are possible using BT Call International taking Belguim as an example.

Call Cost to Belguim

without BT Call International

with BT Call International

 Product  Peak  Off-Peak  Peak  Off-Peak
 Talk  12.04c  8.03c  3.81c  1.26c
 Talk A Lot  12.04c  8.03c  3.81c  Included
 Talk Plus / Total Talk  12.04c  8.03c  Included  Included



BT Talk Plus and Total Talk customers already avail of free peak and off-peak calls to the UK. Now that the UK is included in the BT Call International offer, BT Talk customers can benefit from reduced call costs, see the table below.


Call Cost to UK

without BT Call International

with BT Call International

 Product  Peak  Off-Peak  Peak  Off-Peak
 Talk  8.03c  8.03c  3.81c  1.26c
 Talk A Lot  5.02c  Included  3.81c  Included
 Talk Plus / Total Talk  Included  Included  Included  Included



All products are subject to terms and conditions. Acceptable usage policy applied. Prices are inclusive of VAT charged at 21.5%.

*A Talk package with line rental is required to sign up for BT CallMobile or Call International. See for details.


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