27th June - New Pricing, Simplified Rate Periods

Published 13/05/2004 11:01   |    Updated 31/07/2008 13:51
What BT customer updates are happening in June?

At BT, we are always looking to provide the best value to our customers. On the 27th June 2008, we introduced a number of changes including a few new ways to save you money on phone calls and a simplified approach to our rates periods and the way we bill for calls to international mobiles.



BT Call Mobile* discount gets even better!

Our Call Mobile add-on is now even better value - especially if, like a lot of households, calls to mobiles are a large part of your bill. For that reason, Call Mobile just got even better as we've increased the discount from 25% to 33.3% which means you now get one third off all your calls to Irish Mobiles. All for the same low monthly price of €1.95 and adding up to great savings on your bill!.


To order Call Mobile, call Freephone 1800 812 202.



Call Rates Period Simplified

On June 27th 2008, we changed the structure of our rates periods. This change applies to all of our Voice packages and also to our dial-up Internet packages. It is important that you take note of this change and how it may affect your bill.


We previously classified rates as ‘day, evening and weekend’. On June 27th, this was simplified to be ‘peak and off peak’ which means that you will always know when you will benefit from our lower rates.


You new rates periods are as below since 27th June 2008:


Peak times will be:

7am – 7pm, Monday to Friday

Off Peak times will be:

7pm – 7am, Monday to Friday

7pm Friday – Midnight Friday

All day Saturday and Sunday

Midnight Sunday – 7am Monday


To find out more about our updated pricing visit www.btireland.ie/pricingupdates



International Mobile Rates Simplified

Since June 27th, we have changed the way we bill calls to international mobiles. We no longer have specific international mobile rates for most international destinations. Instead you will pay the standard international fixed-line rate with a 30c per minute surcharge – see www.btireland.ie/pricingupdates for more details.



We have also updated our terms and conditions on 27th June 2008. You can view these now at www.btireland.ie/termsandconditions.



All products are subject to terms and conditions.
*A Talk package with line rental is required to sign up for BT CallMobile or Call International. See www.btireland.ie/pricing for details.


Prices are inclusive of VAT. To find out more about our updated pricing visit www.btireland.ie/pricingupdates



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