Connect an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone to a BT Voyager 2110

Published 13/05/2004 12:35   |    Updated 17/07/2008 14:26
How do I connect my iPod Touch or iPhone to my BT Voyager 2110 wireless router?

Wi-Fi settings determine when and how iPod touch / iPhone joins a Wi-Fi network such as the one broadcast from a BT Voyager 2110 router. Follow the instructions below to connect your iPod touch and/or iPhone to your Voyager wireless network. The instructions for both devices are the same, simply replace the word iPhone for iPod touch.


Join a Wi-Fi network

Using your iPhone choose Settings then Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi on, wait a moment as iPhone detects networks in range, then select your network.

If no BTVOYAGER2110 appears in the list, check that your BT Voyager 2110 router is correctly installed and switched on (Power light is green). You might also be out of range. Move closer to your router to reduce the distance and improve the wireless signal.

If more than one BTVOYAGER2110 appears in the list, your own network can be identified by matching the 2 digits "-XX" with the last 2 digits of the BSSID number printed on the label underneath your router.

When you are prompted for a password, enter the wireless key that can be found on the coloured label on the underside of your BT Voyager 2110 router, then tap Join.


TIP!  To ensure you have entered the correct password, tap on the blue arrow icon to the right of your network name.

If your IP Address begins with the number then you have entered the wrong wireless key. Tap "Forget this Network", select your Voyager network again and this time very carefully enter the wireless key.

If your IP Address begins with 192.168.1.x then you have entered the correct key and you will be able to browse websites etc. with your iPhone.


Once you have joined a Wi-Fi network manually, iPhone automatically joins it whenever the network is in range. If more than one previously used network is in range, iPhone joins the one last used.

When iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi icon in the status bar at the top of the screen shows signal strength. The more bars you see, the stronger the signal.


Set iPhone to ask if you want to join a new network

This option tells iPhone to look for another network when you are not in range of a Wi-Fi network you have previously joined. iPhone displays a list of all available Wi-Fi networks that you can choose from. Networks that require a password appear with a lock icon.

Choose Wi-Fi and turn "Ask to Join Networks" on or off. If you turn "Ask to JoinNetworks" off, you can still join new networks manually.


Forget a network, so iPhone does not join it automatically

Choose Wi-Fi and tap next to a network you've joined before. Then tap "Forget this Network".


Join a closed Wi-Fi network (an available Wi-Fi network that is not shown in the list of scanned networks)

Choose Wi-Fi > Other and enter the network name. If the network requires a password, tap Security, select the type of security the network uses, and then tap Other Network and enter the password.

You must already know the network name, password, and security type to connect to a closed network.

Some Wi-Fi networks may require you to enter or adjust additional settings, such as a client ID or static IP address. Ask the network administrator which settings to use.


Adjust settings for joining a Wi-Fi network

Choose Wi-Fi, then tap next to the network.



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