PCMCIA and USB Cards

Published 13/05/2004 13:51   |    Updated 25/11/2008 17:22
What are PCMCIA and USB cards?

PCMCIA and USB Cards are equipment for your computer that enable it to connect to a wireless router (for example, the BT Voyager 2110).

They act as receivers for the wireless signal your router broadcasts.

  • PCMCIA Cards are removable cards made specifically for laptops.
  • USB receivers can be used with either desktop or laptop computers.

If you wish to use a wireless router in your premises, every computer you wish to connect wirelessly will require a wireless receiver.


BT Ireland do not supply PCMCIA and USB Cards. However we recommend that you visit our partner site www.dabs.ie for great deals on wireless adapters as well as many other electrical equipment items.


How can I tell if my Windows PC has a built-in wireless receiver?

Consult the user manual for your computer. If you are using Windows XP then click on

Start > Control Panel > Network Connections (or Network and Internet Connections)

If you cannot see an icon called Wireless Network Connection then you do not have a wireless adapter correctly installed on your PC.
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