Website upload (FTP settings)

Published 14/05/2004 09:25   |    Updated 29/05/2008 10:15
How do I upload my website to my account?

FTP Settings
Here are the settings you need to enter into your FTP program so that you can log onto your web site account.


Host Address to publish your web site to:


Username: If your web site address is, then your username is joebloggs


Password: The password you chose while registering your web site address.


FTP Server Port: 21


Your Web Site Address will look something like this:, with the username joebloggs being used as an example.

Sending the files over to your web account

  1. Most FTP programs are divided into 2 screens.

    The screen on the left shows the files on your computer and the screen on the right shows the files on your Account.

  2. When you log onto your account, you should see a directory called "public_html".

    This is the directory where you will place your web files into.

    To open the directory, normally you double-click on the file name (i.e. public_html).

  3. Assuming you have located the web file(s) on your computer, you just simply double-click on the file(s) you want to send to your web account and they will transfer over to your web site account.

  4. There may be a file in your "public_html" folder called "index.html".

    You need to delete this first before sending over your files.

  5. Make sure that your main page is called index.html or index.htm if you want Internet users to be able to access your site by just typing in your web site address.

  6. Once you have done this, just log out of your FTP program.

  7. Your web site address will look something like the following:

What FTP program should I use?

There are countless FTP programs available to download from the Internet. One of the most popular, reliable and feature rich is the free open source software FileZilla. Click on the link below for more information and download instructions:


See also: Introduction to creating an IOL Webspace


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