Minimise Spam Email

Published 14/05/2004 09:29   |    Updated 12/03/2008 13:41
What can I do to minimise the amount of Spam Email I receive?

If you are receiving spam email there are a few steps you can take to avoid attracting similar email in the future.


Unfortunately none of these methods are foolproof, but can often be worth a try regardless.

  1. Some apparently unsolicited email is, in fact, email people agreed to receive when they registered with a site or registering software, and checked a box agreeing to receive postings about particular products or interests.

    This is known as both opt-in email and permission-based email.

    As such, you can limit the amount of this sort of email you receive by being careful about who you give your email address to, and what you are agreeing to when filling in forms online.

    If you do find that you receive this sort of email, you can request that your email address is removed from the mailing list by following the instructions to unsubscribe that are given in the email.

    However sometimes this can lead to an increase in the amount of spam one receives.

  2. You may also find our email filtering application, Mailman, useful in helping to prevent spam -

    Please note:

    You can logon to the Mailman page with the first part of your email address (i.e. everything before the @ symbol) and the current password. This service is only available to IOL users and is not available to IOL Free, EsatClear or Oceanfree account holders.

  3. If you are receiving unsolicited email that is not from an opt-in mailing list, the first step is to determine where the email came from, and hence the appropriate action to take.

    To do this you need to examine the headers of an email.

    If you go to  you can run a search for spam filtering software.By installing and running such software on your PC you should be able to more effectively manage the spam you receive. 

    Please note that BT does not provide technical support for any downloads from this site.

  4. You could try changing your email client to Mozilla Thunderbird which includes a built-in spam filter. Please visit for additional information.

    Click here for a guide to configure Thunderbird to manage your emails.


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