Broadband data usage limits

Published 17/05/2004 18:22   |    Updated 12/08/2008 15:14
Is there a data usage limit with BT Broadband?

Broadband Option 1: Data usage limit of 10GB per month

Broadband Option 2: Data usage limit of 30GB per month

Broadband Option 3: Unlimited* data usage limit - subject to our fair usage policy, please click here for details


For example, if you have BT Broadband Option 1 then you are entitled to download up to 10GB of data per month as well as uploading up to 10GB per month.


If you exceed either the upload or download limit BT reserve the right to charge you for the transfer of any additional data (at 1 cent per MB including VAT) and also the right to restrict, suspend or permanently disconnect your Internet connection.


Please refer to clause 3.4 Service Restrictions - Broadband and clause 6.1 Use of the Service of BT's full Terms & Conditions found here.


The usage allowance can not be increased for any of the current BT Broadband packages on an individual customer basis. For a data usage allowance guide please click here.



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