Oceanfree: Frequently Asked Questions

Published 12/05/2004 09:58   |    Updated 29/09/2009 12:13

What are the most common Oceanfree queries?

What is the website address of the Oceanfree webmail service?


When entering your Email name do NOT type in @oceanfree.net


How can I change my Oceanfree password?

If you have forgotten your password you can request a change by calling Technical Support on 1890 923 111.


What does the error "Message is cached but not flagged repairing" mean?

Click here for an explanation and solution.


What does the error "Disk Quota Exceeded" mean?

Click here for an explanation and solution.


What does the Webmail error "Invalid utokc" indicate?

Click here for an explanation.


How do I configure my email program for an Oceanfree account?

Click here for a guide to using an Oceanfree account in Outlook Express.

For MS Outlook 2003 users click here

For Mac Mail 2.0 users click here

For Mac Mail 3.5 users click here


What is the incoming mail (POP3) server address for Oceanfree?  mail.oceanfree.net


Do folders in Oceanfree Webmail count towards my disk quota?



What I can do to reduce the amount of Spam mail I am receiving?

For more information click here


Do the Oceanfree mail servers filter Spam email?



Can I register a new Oceanfree email address or change my existing one?



Can I automatically forward my Oceanfree email to another email address?



What is the mailbox capacity of an Oceanfree account?



I receive a lot of email with large attachments. Can the mailbox capacity be increased?



Can I save copies of messages that I have forwarded using my Oceanfree Webmail account?



How can I cancel an Oceanfree account?

Send the email address, name, password and date of birth to Technical Support by clicking here. Alternatively, call 1890 923 111.


Oceanfree is a free to use service recommended for personal use only. It is not recommended for business related activity.


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