Connect a BT Voyager Wirelessly to a Games Console

Published 18/05/2004 12:39   |    Updated 02/05/2008 14:29

How do I connect my games console wirelessly to my BT Voyager 2110 router?

The necessary configuration needs to be performed on your games console, not on your BT Voyager router. Please follow the instructions provided with your games console (or its add-on wireless adapter).


Whichever games console you use, these instructions will prompt you to select a wireless network and enter a security key.


The Voyager wireless network name is set to 'BTVOYAGER2110-xx', where 'xx' are the last two digits of the BSSID value printed on the label underneath the base. So, if the number on the BSSID label is xxxxxxxE1, the wireless network name will be 'BTVOYAGER2110-E1 '


Your wireless key (security key or passphrase) can be found on the coloured label on the base of your router.


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