BT Flat Rate (Evenings & Weekends): Frequently Asked Questions

Published 18/05/2004 14:36   |    Updated 09/12/2008 13:10
What are the most common Flat Rate (Evenings & Weekends) queries?

What is BT Flat Rate (Evenings & Weekends)?

For a fixed monthly subscription fee, customers can use a dial-up Internet connection for an inclusive number of hours (30, 50 or 80) during evenings and weekends without incurring any extra Internet call charges. Choose from one of three great packages, with prices starting from just :euro:10.03 per month.

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What is the dialup access number for Flat Rate?

  • If your telephone line rental is paid to BT then 03001236 is the correct access number.
  • If your line rental is paid to Eircom then please use 1332103001236

If you are unsure which company is your line provider then dial 19800 from your handset and listen to the automated message.


What should I use for a Username and Password?

  • Username: netsmart
  • Password: netsmart


How do I set up a Flat Rate dial-up connection on my computer?

Choose from either Windows Vista or Windows XP for a complete step-by-step guide.


How much does it cost?

  • Flat Rate 30: :euro:10.03 per month - includes 30 hours off-peak Internet access.
  • Flat Rate 50: :euro:15.05 per month - includes 50 hours off-peak Internet access.
  • Flat Rate 80: :euro:20.07 per month - includes 80 hours off-peak Internet access.


What payment methods are available?

When you choose Flat Rate you will need to complete a direct debit mandate so that your payment can be made by Direct Debit from your bank account or credit card.


Can I use the service while away from home?

No, Flat Rate will only work on the single phone number provisioned for the service.


Can I register a new email address?

Yes, Flat Rate customers can register for an unlimited number of new IOL email addresses free of charge. Click here to find out more.


What is the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server address?


Can I register for Webspace?

Yes, Flat Rate customers are entitled to 100MB of free webspace.

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If I don't use all the inclusive hours in the month do I still pay in full?

Yes, the service is charged on a fixed fee basis.


Will unused hours be carried over to the next month?



If I exceed the monthly usage limit how much will I be charged?

  • Internet call rate at Off Peak time is 1.00c per minute.
  • Internet call rate at Peak time is 4.02c per minute.


How do I cancel Flat Rate?

You can cancel the service over the phone by calling Customer Care on Freephone on 1904 or click here to send an email.


Why does my dial-up connection keep dropping intermittently?

Click here for some suggestions on resolving this problem.


Can I upgrade to BT Broadband?

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If you subscribe to BT Broadband then you no longer need to pay the Flat Rate subscription charges. Contact Customer Care to ensure the charges are cancelled when your broadband connection is activated.



For a full list of charges for BT Ireland products and services please visit


Peak times: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm.


Off Peak times: Monday to Thursday, 7pm – 7am
and 7pm Friday – 7am Monday.


All prices are inclusive of VAT, currently charged at 21.5%


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