BT Net Free: Frequently Asked Qustions

Published 18/05/2004 14:36   |    Updated 03/12/2008 11:12

What are the most common Net Free queries?

What is BT Net Free?

BT Net Free is a Pay-As-You-Go dial-up Internet service. With Net Free, all you pay is the price of a local call for every minute that you're online. And when you become a BT Talk home phone customer, you will benefit from even lower non-subscription based Internet access rates.


Click here to download Net Free access software for Windows PCs.


What is the dial-up access number for Net Free?



What should I use for a Username and Password?

  • Username: free
  • Password: free


How do I set up a Net Free dial-up connection manually?

Choose from either Windows  Vista or Windows  XP  for a complete step-by-step guide.


How much does a Net Free Internet call cost?

  • Internet call rate at Off Peak time is 1.00c per minute.
  • Internet call rate at Peak time is 4.02c per minute.

All prices are cent per minute and are inclusive of VAT at 21.5%. Call set up fee of 4.97c applies.


Can I register a new email address?

Yes, Net Free customers can register for a new IOL Free email address.

Please note for the registration you must be connected to the Internet with a Net Free connection.


What is the Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server address?


Why does my dial-up connection keep dropping intermittently?

Click here for some suggestions on resolving this problem.


How do I cancel Net Free?

You do not need to cancel as you are only charged for the duration of the time you were connected to the Internet. Once you stop connecting to Net Free you are no longer charged as there is no monthly subscription fee.


Can I upgrade to BT Broadband?

Click here to find out more...



For a full list of charges for BT Ireland products and services please visit


Peak times: Monday to Friday, 7am  7pm.


Off Peak times: Monday to Thursday, 7pm  7am
and 7pm Friday 7am Monday.

All prices are inclusive of VAT, currently charged at 21.5%


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