What is BT Talk A Lot?

Published 18/05/2004 15:51   |    Updated 03/12/2008 18:26
What is BT Talk A Lot?

This handy phone package gives you a great deal with all your evening and weekend calls to local, national and UK landline numbers for only €4.97 a month. When added to the standard monthly charge for line rental of €25.47, your total cost is only €30.44 per month. So if you work during the day, or just prefer to chat in the evening — now you can catch up on all the chat with your friends and family for less.



What are peak hours? Peak hours refer to Daytime calls.


Peak times: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm. 


What are off-peak hours? Off Peak rates refer to Evening and Weekend calls. 


Off Peak times: Monday to Thursday, 7pm – 7am
and 7pm Friday – 7am Monday.



What are the service restrictions of Talk A Lot?

  • All calls included are up to 60 mins duration. To maximise savings, hang up and re-dial after 59 mins.  
  • The Talk A Lot product includes unlimited calls to local, national, UK landline destinations only
  • Off peak hours only – otherwise normal Talk rates apply on a per minute basis
  • All Talk A Lot customers must subscribe to a BT Talk & WLR service



How will I be charged for Talk A Lot?

You will be charged for Talk A Lot on your existing residential bi-monthly bill. You will see this charge as a re-occurring subscription charge of €9.94 (i.e. €4.97 per month x 2 months, Inclusive of VAT @ 21.5%).



How many calls would I need to make on Talk per month to make it worth my while to order Talk A Lot?

As soon as you’re spending more than €4.97 a month on off-peak calls, you should consider ordering Talk A Lot. If you make frequent daytime calls as well, then you should look at our Talk Plus and Broadband and Total Talk packages.


Click here to find out more about BT Talk A Lot as well as details of how to order the package.


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