"Message was cached but not flagged repairing"

Published 12/05/2004 10:00   |    Updated 29/02/2008 11:11

How do I resolve the error "Message was cached but not flagged repairing"?

Because the mailbox of an IOL email account is only 10MB ( 5MB for Oceanfree) you may have a large mail waiting to be downloaded to the Webmail server.


If the total capacity of your Webmail folder and the emails waiting to be downloaded from the POP server exceeds 10Mb you will see the error "Message was cached but not flagged repairing".


To resolve this issue delete all unwanted mail and empty the Trash Can folder.


If you are still unable to view the message then direct your web browser to http://www.mail2web.com - enter your full email address and password. All the emails waiting for you to be downloaded will be displayed on this website. If there is one that is very large, it will need to be deleted using this site.



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