Handy hints and tips for moving home

Published 18/05/2004 16:43   |    Updated 16/03/2009 12:05

Got any handy hints and tips for moving home?

To make your move smoother, we've put together some useful tips, from essentials and finishing touches to a list of people that will need to know your new address.

To take the stress out of your move, here's a checklist of important things to do and remember.

  • Book your removal company well in advance.
  • Book time off work if needed.
  • Start to pack as early as possible once your date has been confirmed.

  • Label the contents of all your packing boxes.
  • Redirect your mail.
  • Check insurance cover for your contents in transit.


Let them know
As well as you family and friends, have you called these people to give them your new address? Here's a list for you to check.

  • Insurance companies.
  • Your bank or building society.
  • Credit card companies including store cards.

  • Gas, electricity and water suppliers.
  • Doctors, dentists and opticians.
  • TV licence and any TV rental companies.

  • Schools, colleges and universities.
  • Financial services (pensions, investments, shares).
  • Your employer.

  • Your council tax office.
  • Driving licence and vehicle registration office.
  • Any hire purchase companies, any subscriptions you may have, any charities you donate to.


Things to make your move that bit sweeter.

  • Take cuttings of favourite plants from the garden for your new home.
  • Pack an overnight bag so your essential items are handy.

  • Give your unwanted items to charity or find a good home for them.
  • Check where the nearest take away is at your new address!
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