BT Social Benefit Scheme

Published 18/05/2004 17:07   |    Updated 03/12/2008 12:26
What is the BT Social Benefit Scheme?

The value of the BT Social Benefit Scheme is €25.91 (inc. VAT) per month. The scheme covers the cost of telephone line rental and up to €5.02 (inc. VAT) of calls per month. VAT is currently charged at 21.5%.


All customers in receipt of the Social Welfare Telephone Allowance (SWTA) from the Department of Social & Family Affairs (DSFA) and who have their telephone line with BT are eligible to become members of the BT Social Benefit Scheme.



Do I have to pay for telephone handset rental?

If you rent a telephone handset then the charge for this handset will appear on your two monthly BT bill. This allows us to award our customers €5.02 (inc. VAT) worth of free telephone calls each month. You can stop renting a telephone handset by returning the handset to us and purchasing your own telephone handset at any hardware or electrical store. Call us on 1904 for more information.


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