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Published 21/05/2004 11:58   |    Updated 21/04/2008 11:07
Why can I no longer receive emails?

If you find that your mail program (e.g. Outlook Express) is no longer receiving new email then follow the tips below to try and resolve the problem:


Make sure you're online

Open your website browser and try a few different websites to ensure your Internet connection is working correctly. If you are unable to view web pages then it is unlikely you will be able to receive emails. Click here for further advice on trouble shooting a broadband connection problem.


Mailbox is full

The mailbox capacity of an IOL, IOL Free or EsatClear account is 10 MB (Oceanfree is 5MB). If there are a large number of emails on the POP mail server waiting to be downloaded to your computer, then you may have exceeded the mailbox capacity and will no longer be able to receive new emails until you free up some disc space.


If you go to  you will be able to see all the emails waiting to be downloaded to your email program. Simply input your full email address and the corresponding password, then delete all unwanted emails in particular those with file attachments.



Re-create your email account

On occasion email accounts can become corrupted and need to be deleted and re-created.


Choose from Outlook ExpressOutlook 2003 or Windows Mail (Vista) and follow the onscreen instruction to create a new account. You must be sure of your email password in order to create a new mail account successfully. After the new account is created with the correct settings remember to remove the old one.



Antivirus / Firewall Issues

Certain settings and features of many security packages may prevent connection with email servers.


If the above fixes have not solved your mail problems, you may have to disable your firewall or reconfigure your antivirus programme to perform less security checking on your incoming mail.


It is strongly recommended that you have up-to-date firewall and anti-virus software installed on your computer, however Norton and Symantec LiveUpdate are known to sometimes completely block email access after updating.


Refer to the documentation for your security software or visit * to determine how to configure it correctly. If this is a firewall configuration problem, our Technical Support department will not be able to assist you.


*Note: BT cannot be held responsible for the content or advice given by external websites, nor the result of misconfiguration arising from such advice.


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