BT Reminder Call

Published 21/05/2004 12:19   |    Updated 03/12/2008 11:02
What is BT Reminder Call?

Late again? Worried you'll miss your flight? Do you need reminding about an appointment? Reminder Call won't forget. You'll get your call on time and then the rest is up to you.


How to set up Reminder Call

  • Lift receiver and press *55*
  • Key in the time you wish to receive your call using the 24-hour clock (i.e. 7:15am = 0715)
  • Press # and hang up
  • To confirm your instructions press *#55* time of call (in the 24-hour clock)#


How to cancel Reminder Call

  • Lift the receiver and dial #55*
  • Key in the time of the call you wish to cancel (in the 24-hour clock)
  • Press # and hang up


Set up: 44.18c (inc. VAT). Cancel: 15.06c (inc. VAT). VAT is currently charged at 21.5%.


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