Using an Eircom Email address on a BT connection

Published 21/05/2004 12:42   |    Updated 29/09/2009 12:09

Can I use my Eircom Email address on a BT Internet connection?

Yes, you will simply need to adjust the outgoing mail server settings of your Email program.


The outgoing mail (SMTP) server address for a BT Internet connection is


This change will enable you to send emails while using your BT connection. If you encounter any problems receiving new emails then you will need to contact Eircom technical support for assistance.


Select your email program from one of the links below and follow the step by step guide in how to make the necessary change:

 « Outlook Express »

 « Outlook 2003 »

 « Outlook 2007 »

 « Windows Mail (Vista) »

 « Mac Mail 2.0 »

 « Mac Mail 3.5 »



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