Introduction to IOL Webspace

Published 21/05/2004 17:31   |    Updated 25/09/2009 11:20
What is an IOL Webspace?

If you have not already done so you will need to register for an IOL webspace, click here for more information.

BT is no longer accepting new IOL webspace registrations. BT would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused. Any existing registered sites will remain in place and can be amended and updated as and when you desire.


If you have a registered webspace with IOL or any other provider you can still use this guide as an introduction to the basics of designing and publishing your website.


Don't worry if you're a first timer or the sort of person who struggles setting the video. You won't need a sonic screwdriver, or a degree in nuclear science - just a little bit of time and patience.


To build your website, you'll need to use a web language called HTML and possibly XHTML and something else called Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS). You'll need to plan what you want your site to do and how you want it to look, and think about the kind of content (stuff) that you might want to include.


The purpose of this guide is to give you the basic nuts and bolts of how these things work and to give you an idea of where to begin.


We'll be walking you through:

Planning your website  - can save you a lot of heartache!

Some basic Do's and Don'ts  - advice on designing your website

The Basics of HTML  - a language used to create websites

The Basics of XHTML  - more advanced programming to create websites

The Basics of CSS  - Cascading Style Sheets

Image Optimisation - getting the most from images you use on your site

Giving HTML a try  - build a page from the very beginning

Web Jargon Buster - in case you find yourself getting jargoned-out at any time

Further sources of information  - once you've built up your confidence!


Feel free to explore and tackle each element in your own time. We'd recommend that you work through each section in order though.



Planning Your Website ยป


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