Repair of a phone line fault - know your rights

Published 26/05/2004 10:25   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
Who will repair my phone line fault?

If, having carried out a thorough test, you have determined that there is a fault with your phone line then you will need to report the problem to have it resolved.


If your telephone line rental is paid to BT Ireland then call Freephone 1904 from a mobile or working landline. If your pay your call services to BT but your line rental is paid to Eircom then please call 1901.


After you notify BT Ireland of a problem with your line we will carry out some diagnostic tests in order to obtain more information on the reported fault before organising the repair of the fault for you.



Repairing the fault:


Eircom currently owns the majority of telephone lines in this country. When you pay your line rental to another operator (such as BT Ireland) then that operator may rent the line from Eircom.

Eircom is responsible for the maintenance and fault repair of its entire network including the portion rented to other operators. Eircom is not allowed to prioritise the fixing of line faults of Eircom customers over the line faults of other operators' customers.


Eircom must ensure that it provides facilities to other operators' customers of the same quality as Eircom provides to its own customers.


BT Ireland will contact Eircom on your behalf to organise the repair of the fault for you. You do not need to contact Eircom directly to report your fault. BT Ireland will be able to confirm to you when your fault will be reported to, and resolved by Eircom.



You can also click here to download a PDF file from Comreg which outlines your rights regarding reporting and resolving a fault with your phone line.


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