"Disk Quota Exceeded" message when checking Oceanfree Email

Published 09/06/2004 14:36   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
Why do I get "Disk Quota Exceeded" message when I check for new mail on Oceanfree?

The Oceanfree Webmail service only allows you to have 5MB of email within it's folders at any one time. When you click "Check for Mail", all new messages are moved to your Webmail folders. If you exceed this 5MB limit at any stage, Webmail will inform you that you've exceeded your quota, and it's going to leave the remaining emails on the server. There are a few ways to resolve this:


  1. Ensure your Trash Can is emptied. When you delete email it goes to your Trash Can. It's still in Webmail, so ensure you empty your Trash Can to delete it completely.

  2. Set up Outlook Express to read your email. Outlook Express is an email client which is installed on your Windows computer. You can follow the steps here to set it up to download and then manage your oceanfree.net messages. If you download your email to Outlook Express you will not be able to download the same email to your Webmail folder.

  3. Another method of accessing your email is through the following website: http://www.mail2web.com  You simply log in with your full email address and password. You will be able to both send and receive email from this website. Delete any unwanted mail from this site, in particular any with large attachments.
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