Sending and receiving Email while away from home

Published 02/07/2004 15:17   |    Updated 23/04/2008 11:51

Can I send and receive Email on my laptop while away from home?

As long as you have an Internet connection you will always be able to receive messages to your Mail application such as Outlook Express. If you have a POP email account (e.g. ) messages sent to you are stored on Post Office Protocol (POP) servers at your email service provider until you connect and retrieve them.


An example of a POP server is When you connect to your POP email account, the messages stored on the POP server are downloaded to your computer. The email messages will remain on the mail server unless you specify that they should be removed. By default, Outlook Express automatically removes the copy of the message from the POP server after it has successfully been downloaded.


A Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) server is used to send your outgoing mail. The SMTP server receives messages from your Mail application and sends them to their destination, across the Internet. Your Internet service provider (ISP) or the company where you work provides an SMTP server for you to use with your account. If you use a BT Internet connection then the SMTP server address is


If you are staying in a hotel then the correct outgoing mail (SMTP) server address should be available at reception. Each time you connect to the Internet in a different location you may be changing ISP and as a result you will need to change your SMTP server setting.


Usually, you must use the server your ISP provides because other mail servers will not accept mail from people who are not customers, or whose computers are not connected to the same network segment. Contact the ISP you use while away from home for the correct SMTP server name.


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Alternatively if you go to, you will be able to see your emails while away from home. Simply input your email address and the corresponding password, and it will show you all the email waiting for you on the POP server, for you to action appropriately. You will be able to send, receive and delete email from this website.



The website below provides a list of SMTP servers from major ISPs around the world


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