What should my Broadband self install kit contain?

Published 28/09/2004 14:27   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
What should my BT Broadband self install kit contain?

Your BT Broadband package should contain the following items:

Router and accompanying power supply:
1 x  Voyager ADSL Router

1 x Power Supply

Cables (three in total):
1 x ADSL Line Cord (Grey)

1 x USB Cable (only with the wired Voyager 210 router)
1 x Ethernet Cable (Yellow)

ADSL Microfilters (three in total):
1 x  Double socket ADSL microfilter
2 x Single socket ADSL microfilters

1 x  CD [contains USB driver software (only with the wired Voyager 210 router) & a PDF user guide]

Apple Mac users do not need to install the USB driver software. Please use an Ethernet cable connection instead.

A   Quick Start Installation Guide

To download a PDF version of the guide choose either a Voyager 2110 wireless  router or a Voyager 210 router.


Click here for a diagram of the correct cable and equipment setup for a Voyager 2110.


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