Configure ZyXEL modem to go online with Broadband

Published 06/10/2004 12:47   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:11
How do I configure the ZyXEL Prestigie 623/660 router to go online with the Broadband service?
  1. Access the routers Web interface by typing into your browsers address bar and pressing enter or clicking "Go".

    The following dialog box should appear, asking you to enter a user name and password to log in to the routers secure management web pages:

  2. Enter 'admin' as the username and '1234' as the default password. Next you should see the main page of the management interface:

  3. Click on 'Wizard Setup' and you should see the first page of the setup wizard (as shown below).

  4. Enter the following settings and then click next :

    Set Mode to 'Routing'
    Set Encapsulation to 'PPPoE'
    Set Multiplex to 'LLC'
    Set VPI to '8' and VCI to '35'
    Click on Next you should see the second page of the setup wizard as shown below :

  5. On this page you should enter your Broadband settings as follows; once you have done this you can again click next as the other settings on this page can be left with their default values :

    Service name: Broadband (or you can leave this blank)
    Username: Your username supplied by BT, with @btbb added at the end - for instance jsmith would use jsmith@btbb
    Password: Your password chosen during sign-up for the service.

    You should now see a confirmation page similar to the following :

  6. When you click on 'Save Settings', you will see this diagnostic screen that will allow you to test that your internet connection is working correctly.

    Pressing 'Start Diagnose' will begin the test series.

    If the first three tests pass you are connected to the Broadband service.

  7. Finally, press 'Return to Main Menu' to return to the router's main menu, and then select 'Logout' to conclude your configuration session. Once the session has be concluded you are now connected to the Broadband service.
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