BT Ireland Code of Practice for Complaint Handling

Published 25/03/2005 10:25   |    Updated 27/04/2009 13:24
What is BT Ireland's Code of Practice?

1. Our Commitment

If you are not happy with the service you’re getting

BT is committed to providing you with the best telecommunications service in the world.  Despite our endeavours, occasionally things do go wrong, when they do, we want to know so that we can put them right as quickly as possible.


We class complaints as any expression of customer dissatisfaction with the products and / or services managed by BT.


2. Code of Practice

BT is required to present and adhere to the Code of Practice principles set out by the Commission for Communications Regulation.


3. Complaints Process

How to contact us with a complaint

If you would like to register a complaint, below are a number of different methods to contact us.

By Email:

If you wish to send us your complaint by email, please contact us via

By Letter:

If you prefer to put your complaint in writing, you can send it to the following address:

For attention of BT Complaints Team

Grand Canal Plaza
Upper Grand Canal Street
Dublin 4

By Fax:

If you wish to send us your complaint by fax, you may fax us on 01 432 8901.

By Phone:

If you are a consumer customer, you can contact our customer care team directly on free phone 1904.

If you are a business customer, you can contact our customer care team directly on free phone, 1800 924 924.


3.2 Complaint Handling

We aim to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, preferably during your phone call.  If this is not possible, we will agree a course of action with you.


We will acknowledge all complaints received by letter, fax or email within 24 workings hours of receiving your complaint.  We will state a course of action in order to resolve your complaint.


3.3 Complaint Handling Stages

  • Customer Contact
  • Acknowledgement of Complaint
  • Complaint Investigation
  • Complaint resolution or Internal escalation
  • Closure or External dispute resolution


3.4 Complaint Categorisation and Response Times

What is the response time for a complaint?

It is our aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible and to your satisfaction.  When we acknowledge a complaint we will inform you of the time scale for investigation and resolution of the complaint, however if we cannot reach that deadline, we will inform you and provide another timescale.  On resolution of the issue, you will be informed of the resolution.


When we receive your complaint, we will categorise it into one of the following main categories: Billing, Installation, Service Degradation, Repair and Miscellaneous.


We have set indicative timeframes for resolution of complaints for each of these categories:


Billing:  We aim to resolve within 10 working days of receiving the complaint, with no disconnection while the complaint is being investigated.

Service Degradation:  If your complaint falls under the category of Service Degradation, we will respond outlining the investigation procedure and the resolution timeframe envisaged.  In some instances, it may be a fault and repair will be instigated.


Installation:  We aim to resolve within 10 working days or give a specific time scale of resolve.


Repair:  We will respond to a fault immediately and aim to resolve within 2 to 5 working days, or to give a specific time scale of resolve.


Miscellaneous:  We aim to resolve within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.


It may not always be possible to resolve your complaint within the indicative timeframes noted above, depending on the complexity of your complaint.  We will keep you informed throughout investigation until resolution.


3.5 Escalation

If a you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled, or if indicative resolution timeframes have been significantly exceeded, BT have an internal escalation procedure that can be instigated in these circumstances.


Escalation tiers noted below:

  •   Advisor
  •   1st Escalation Tier
  •   2nd Escalation Management Tier


If you still remain dissatisfied at how your complaint has been handled after the 2nd Escalation Management Tier, you can ask to have your complaint independently reviewed by the Complaint Review Service or alternatively, you can write to the Complaint Review Service after exhausting the escalation tiers.  Letters will be acknowledged within 48 working hours.



Complaint Review Service
Grand Canal Plaza
Upper Grand Canal Street
Dublin 4


3.6 Complaint Tracking

BT Ireland operates a complaint tracking system as part of its overall customer relationship system.  All Complaint information is available to customer care representatives from the point a complaint is logged through to complaint resolution and can be reviewed at any point in the process using the allocated unique reference number.


4. Disconnection Policy

In relation to Bad Debt
In instances where a customer’s account falls into arrears, as per terms and conditions of customer contracts, a representative of BT will contact the customer to remind them of BT’s terms and conditions.  In instances where it is not possible to contact the customer (for example: the company has gone into liquidation) then BT will disconnect service immediately.


In relation to Fraud
BT will contact customers who are deemed to have supplied false or misleading information when applying for service.  If they are able to give an adequate explanation for such information, disconnection of service will not occur.  If the customer is unable to give an adequate explanation, service will be disconnected with immediate effect.  BT will contact customers who have been detected as accessing BT’s network or a customer’s network fraudulently.  If fraudulent access has taken place on the customers own site, BT will inform the customer and will not disconnect unless the customer requests such action.  If accessing is affecting another party, BT will inform the customer which will result in withdrawal of service until BT and / or the customer is satisfied of intentions.


Please note:  There will be no disconnection if the undisputed amounts are paid. 


5. Independent Advice

BT Ireland always endeavours to provide the best advice to our customers and maintain an active working relationship with consumer governing bodies. 

Below is a list of governing bodies whereby you can seek independent advice if required in relation to your complaint:

  • Commission for Communications Regulation
    Abbey Court, Irish Life Center, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1 or Tel: 1890 229 668
  • Small Claims Courts
    Local District Court offices will supply relevant information for you area
  • National Consumer Agency
    4 Harcourt Road, Dublin 2, Ireland or Tel: 1890 432 432
  • Regtel
    Crescent Hall, Mount Street Cresent, Dublin 2 or Tel: 1850 741 741
  • Advertising Standards Authority
    IPC House, Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4 or Tel: 01 6608766


6. A Customer’s statutory rights are not affected by this code of practice.


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