What are the features of corporate Anytime?

Published 04/04/2005 16:37   |    Updated 07/09/2005 14:58
What are the features of corporate Anytime?
  • Anytime is BT Ireland's FRIACO product. The business product costs €45 per month (€54.45 including VAT) and gives 260 hours usage per month
  • Anytime is linked to a phone number or CLI. There can only be one CLI per account. If you want to use more than one CLI, you’ll have to purchase another account
  • Customers get unlimited email addresses (using @iol.ie) which you can setup online at http://register.iol.ie/email
  • Free webspace (100Mb), sub-directory name, URL of site will be something like www.iol.ie/businessname.
  • It's a standard dial-up product utilising an 1893 number, IP addresses will be assigned dynamically
  • Username and password for login, we will keep a record of the username, but the password will not be recorded
  • ISDN will be supported on single channel only
  • Usage can be checked on http://anytime.iol.ie/business/usage
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