Monitor Active Connections

Published 05/04/2005 13:35   |    Updated 15/02/2008 19:00
How can I monitor active connections on my PC?

There is an application which comes preloaded with Windows called NetStat, which will display your current network activity.


There are some options you can use with this command, but the following are generally most useful for diagnosing issues related to connection speed as mentioned above.


From the DOS prompt, typing netstat -n will display a list of connections to and from your computer, in the form of an IP address followed by a port number. Recently, the more prolific virii and worms have use ports such as 443 & 445, and as such you may see such numbers appear when using the NetStat command. Many other port numbers may be used in a similarly malicious manner, and as such we would recommend you use a search engine to find information on anything which looks suspicious.


The term to search for would simply be tcp port [number] from Google, for example.


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