What is the most effective speed test for my ADSL connection?

Published 05/04/2005 13:58   |    Updated 11/12/2008 14:00
What is the most effective speed test for my ADSL connection?

If you are experiencing slow download speeds,we recommend that you download a large file from
the following server (accessible via your web browser):


For example, there are several files in the following folder which are over 500MB in size:

Our reason for suggesting a large file is that the download dialog box will remain open longer, enabling you to take note of the average download rate (displayed as kilobytes per second, e.g. 50kB/sec).

This speed may fluctuate greatly or remain at a steady average.
If you consider your average speed to sub-standard and wish to contact Technical Support in BT Ireland, please perform a test as above and record the details so we can troubleshoot further.

** Ping and speed tests to and from other websites/third-party servers (non-BT Ireland) cannot be considered an effective method of performance testing your connection; as such servers are located outside the BT Ireland network.


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