ISDN: dial-up and mail problems

Published 05/04/2005 15:58   |    Updated 11/12/2008 14:10
How do I troubleshoot ISDN dial-up and mail problems?
Problems connecting to ISDN

If you’re having trouble connecting to your ISDN account the problem is most likely one of two things:

  • A problem with the ISDN line itself
  • A problem with the account (username/password) you use to connect to the Internet

You can check if there is a problem with the line by:

  • Plugging a normal telephone into your ISDN socket and listening for a dial tone
  • If you have a dial tone, try dialling the BT Ireland access number for ISDN which is 1891 133 133 from the telephone
    • You should hear the sound of our modems, a screechy sound, when it connects, this means that your ISDN line is in good working order
    • The problem therefore is most likely with your ISDN account. In this case, you should contact Corporate Technical Support on 1800 924 924 (Option 3, Option 2) and we will assist you
  • If you do not hear a dial tone, this would indicate a problem with your ISDN line, in which case you should contact Eircom directly on 1901. Eircom are the providers of both ISDN Lines and modems so if you have a problem with either, contact them.

Problems sending or receiving mail

Because Corporate ISDN comes with a static IP address, most customers will be running their own mail server. When this is the case, the customer will be responsible for the management of their own mail and email addresses which is usually linked to a domain.

However, from time to time customers may experience problems sending or receiving their email. Because the mail server is their own, we are unable to support incoming mails, however, we can advise on any problems sending email if you have a BT Ireland connection (e.g., ISDN, DSL, Leased Line).

  • If you are having problems sending mail you should make sure that you are routing your outgoing email through
  • However, if your connection is with another ISP, you will need to make sure that you are routing your outgoing mail through the mail servers of that ISP
  • Another reason you might be experiencing problems sending mail is that your mail server could be acting as an open relay, and has been blocked from sending mail by our systems engineers. Once you have fixed the open relay, and our systems engineers are happy with that, they will unblock the domain
  • Another problem could be that your firewall is blocking emails from sending/receiving – this will need to be handled by you unless it is a BT Ireland provided firewall

If you have continuing problems with sending/receiving email please contact Corporate Technical Support on 1800 924 924 (Option 3, Option 2).


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