Voyager 2110: Wireless Network Name and Key

Published 12/05/2004 12:11   |    Updated 02/05/2008 11:44

How do I locate the wireless network name (SSID) and wireless key (WEP) on my BT Voyager 2110?

The wireless network name is set to 'BTVOYAGER2110-xx', where 'xx' are the last two digits of the BSSID value printed on the label underneath the base. So, if the number on the BSSID label is xxxxxxxE1, the wireless network name will be 'BTVOYAGER2110-E1 '


Your wireless key can be found on the coloured label on the base of your router.


You can also view the wireless network key and network name of your router by accessing the router configuration manager on and then click on 'Advanced...' then 'Wireless' then 'Encryption'.


If you are prompted for a 'Name' and 'Password' when accessing the advanced features of the Voyager configuration manager use the following default logon details: Name: admin, Password: admin



A typical wireless network consists of a wireless enabled router with computers and other computing devices connected via wireless adapters or in-built wireless cards. The router identifies itself by broadcasting a wireless network name (or Service Set Identifier/SSID), along with other information.


Setting up the network involves configuring the wireless adapters with the router’s network name (SSID) plus its wireless network key. If there is a mismatch between the configuration of router and wireless adapter, they can’t communicate with each other.


Take care when typing in your router's SSID and Wireless Network key because one incorrect digit or letter will not allow your computer to connect to the wireless network.


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