Outlook Express disconnecting my dial-up Internet connection

Published 06/04/2005 15:58   |    Updated 15/02/2008 18:00
How can I stop Outlook Express disconnecting my dial-up Internet connection?

1. Introduction

If you keep getting cut off from the Internet after launching Outlook Express and checking your email, it may be because the application has been set to hang up after sending and receiving email. Follow these instructions to stop Outlook Express from misbehaving and you should be able to use the Internet without interruption.


2. Open Outlook Express

Click on the Start button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Now move the mouse up so that the cursor rests on the word Programs, or All Programs if you're using Windows XP. Then move the cursor along the new list that appears until it rests on the words Outlook Express. Keep it there and click the left mouse button once.




3. Select the Options menu

Click once on the Tools menu. From the list of options that appears click on Options.




4. Click on Connection

Click on the Connection tab on the Options panel.




5. Deselect the hang up option

The Connection settings panel will now be open. Near the top of the panel, beneath the title 'Dial-up', is an option marked 'Hang up after sending and receiving'. If there is a tick in the white box alongside this option, click on it once with the cursor to make it disappear.


Click on OK to close the Options panel and return to Outlook Express.




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