Spyware, Adware and Malware

Published 07/04/2005 12:16   |    Updated 23/04/2008 14:12
What is spyware, adware and malware?

Spyware (also known as adware and malware) can install on your computer using a variety of methods, for instance if you view a web page that has malicious code, or through a virus which has infected your computer.


You may not notice the effects of the program, but it can send information to third parties about the Web pages you have viewed, and at worst personal information like your passwords or bank and credit card details.


Sometimes the effects of spyware can be all too visible and your Internet experience can be affected.


You may have an unusually slow Internet connection, unwanted pop-up boxes may appear on your computer or your homepage could be changed (or hijacked) against your will.


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