Outlook Express: Change Default Connection

Published 07/04/2005 16:01   |    Updated 15/02/2008 18:05
How can I change the default dial-up connection for Outlook Express?

Check your Outlook Express settings

When you use Outlook Express, you may receive an error message telling you that a dial-up networking connection is already established.



This is caused if your email account is set to use different Internet settings to your default Internet connection. It's easy to fix by following these instructions:

  • Open Outlook Express
  • Select the Tools menu and click on Accounts
  • Select the Mail tab
  • For each mail account (normally pop.officelink.esat.net) carry out the following:
    • Highlight the account with a single left click of your mouse, then click on Properties
    • Select the Connection tab
    • Remove the tick from the checkbox marked 'Always connect to this account using...'
    • Click Apply, then click OK
  • Once you have completed the above steps for all mail accounts, click Close to use Outlook Express.




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