Receiving someone else's Emails

Published 11/04/2005 11:51   |    Updated 12/02/2008 16:00
Why am I receiving someone else's emails?

If you are receiving email addressed to you but that are nothing to do with you there may be several explanations:

  1. If another member has a similar email address to your own then you may be receiving incorrectly addressed emails sent to them.
  2. The email may be spam (unsolicited commercial email).
  3. It may be that the email address was 'harvested' (the process by which spammers collect vast numbers of email addresses).

A far more likely explanation for why you get spam email addressed to someone else is that spammers use sophisticated tools that generate email address lists. They effectively guess email addresses, and then send out emails in bulk.


Some of the emails are bounced back, while others reach active accounts. The part of the address before the @ symbol does not need to be the one you use for the email to reach your account.


The only solution to this problem is to set up filters for spam, or install AntiVirus software that comes with a spam killer. This will automatically identify Spam and send it directly to your Deleted Items or Junk email box.


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