Child Safety Online

Published 12/05/2004 15:46   |    Updated 23/04/2008 14:05

How can I help my children safely make use of the Internet?

The Internet can provide an incredible learning and communication experience for children, so long as you follow simple precautions. Talk together about the Internet and agree ground rules for its use. Always keep connected computers in a visible or communal area and help your children learn to be vigilant themselves. Parental interest and involvement is the most effective protection.

  • How children use the Internet.

    Children access the Internet through PCs, mobile phones and games consoles - at home, at school, in friends' houses, in libraries, in Internet Cafés and on the move. They use it for homework, online games, blogs, instant messaging and email.

    It's fun, it's social, it's educational and it's creative but it's important that they use the Internet wisely. That means being empowered to make the right decisions and avoid dangerous situations. Engage with your children and their technology. Learn with them, know what they are doing and where they are going online.

  • Parental involvement is key.

    There are various Internet filtering tools available to help protect children. While their use is recommended, it is important to point out that there is no substitute for parental involvement.

  • Empower your children to protect themselves.

    We can't be with our children all the time, so it's important to give them skills so that they can make the right decisions in potentially dangerous situations. By empowering them, you can hopefully teach them to avoid dangerous situations altogether.

    Always engage with your children and talk to them about their Internet experience. Keep up-to-date with the technology they're using so that you can learn with them. Know whom they're talking to and what sites they're visiting while online.


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