Why have I received a bill from Eircom and BT?

Published 12/04/2005 16:00   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
Why have I received a bill from Eircom and BT?

Are you seeing call charges or just line rental charges on the Eircom bill?

Should BT be charging you for line rental? If yes - this invoice could be the final invoice from Eircom from when you moved from Eircom to BT for your line rental.


Please call Eircom to confirm this is your final invoice from them. If the bill is for line rental only and your line rental is provided by Eircom, you will always receive an invoice from Eircom as they provide the telephone line.


If the bill includes call charges, is it just premium rate calls that are appearing on your Eircom bill? If yes, unfortunately BT cannot cover these services therefore Eircom will charge you for this service. If no, are you using the Internet? If you are, who is your service provider? If it is not BT, non-BT ISP's are billed on Eircom.


If you are not using the Internet, please contact 1800 924 924 to have this query investigated. BT will ask you for a copy of the Invoice you have received from Eircom.


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