How do I listen to my voice mail messages?

Published 12/04/2005 16:24   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
How do I make the most of my Voice mailbox?

How do I listen to my voice messages?

Lift up the handset and press 171.


First time users have a temporary PIN. This PIN is always set as 1234. We recommended you change this default PIN and set up your own. Just follow the instructions when prompted.


How do I change my Call Answering greeting?

  • Lift the receiver and press 171.
  • Press 4 for personal options.
  • Press 3 for greetings.
  • Press 1 to change the personal greeting.
  • Press 1 for the standard greeting or 2 to personalise your greeting.
  • The message will be replayed for you. If you are happy with the greeting, Press #


Can I access the messages in my mailbox remotely?

You can access your messages from another phone by dialling your own number and when you hear your Personal Greeting, Press #


This brings you to the main menu of your mailbox from where you can check your messages. You will need your PIN to listen to your messages. Unheard messages will be stored for 21 days.


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