BT 1471. How do I check the last Missed Call?

Published 13/04/2005 08:19   |    Updated 13/02/2009 13:09
BT 1471. How do I check the last Missed Call?

Is BT 1471 Caller Return available for all calls?

BT 1471 is not available on VPN lines, hi-speed lines or payphones.



How can I check the number of the last missed call?

If you missed a call lift the receiver and dial 1471. You’ll hear the number, date and time of your last missed call.


If you want to connect to that number just dial 3.


You don't have to hang up and manually dial the number. It’s available immediately and can be used straight away.


Cost: Access charge of 6.10c (inc. VAT) every time you dial 1471. Appropriate return call charge also applies. VAT is currently charged at 21.5%.


Return calls to international, withheld and ex-directory numbers are not available through the 1471 service.


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