Apple Mac OS 9 - TCP/IP configuration

Published 13/04/2005 17:28   |    Updated 15/02/2008 17:38
How do I configure TCP/IP for my Apple Mac OS 9?
  1. Open the TCP/IP Control Panel

    Click on the Apple menu - it is indicated by the multi-coloured Apple icon at the top left of your screen. On the list that appears, move your mouse pointer - also known as a cursor - so it rests above the words Control Panels. This will open another list - or menu - alongside the existing one. Click on the words TCP/IP in the new menu.

  2. Activate TCP/IP, if necessary

    If this is your first Internet connection a message like the one below may appear. Click on the Yes button and continue.

  3. Choose the PPP option

    The TCP/IP Control Panel window will open. Click on the two arrows alongside Connect via: and select PPP from the menu that appears. Now click the two arrows alongside Configure: and select Using PPP Server.

  4. Enter the TCP/IP settings

    You now need to configure the protocol to work correctly with BT Ireland or IOL - protocol is just computer jargon to describe the language that your Mac will use to connect to the Internet. Click in the box next to "Name server address", and type in the two IP addresses provided by BT Ireland or IOL as shown in the picture below. Take care to press the Enter button on your keyboard at the end of each line. Make sure all the other settings match those in the screen shot. There are no other changes to make to this screen. Close the window (by clicking the square in the top left of the window). Another window will appear asking: "Save changes to the current configuration?" Click Save to close the window and update your changes.

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