Moving Home: Telephone Technician Visit

Published 14/04/2005 10:41   |    Updated 26/05/2008 13:26
Will a telephone technician need to visit my new home?

When the BT Relocations team begin the process of moving your BT services they will carry out a line enquiry for your new property.


The result of the enquiry will determine what works needs to be carried out in order to get your BT services installed in your new home.


There are three possible connection scenarios, all of which have different associated costs and time frames depending on the state of the telephone line work in your new premises. The new telephone line connection will be one of the following: In-Situ, Pre-Cabled or Non-Insitu.


In-Situ: Your line will be In-Situ if the property you are moving into has had telephone service within the last 6 months, therefore all the line work is already in place and a visit from a technician will not be required.



Pre-Cabled: Your line will be Pre-Cabled if the property you are moving into has all the line work already completed and in place however there has never been an active service on that line before (usually occurs in newly developed properties). In this case a technician will not need to call to your home.



Non-Insitu: Your line will be Non-Insitu if the property that you are moving into has never had any line work done or has had no active service at the new house within the last 6 months. This result will also depend on whether your new property is a newly built home or an existing property without service for over 6 months. In this case a technician will not need to visit your new home.



A telephone technician will need to call to your home to carry out the necessary line work for a Non-Insitu connection.



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