Can I cancel a message I have already sent?

Published 12/05/2004 10:04   |    Updated 12/02/2008 16:47

Can I cancel a message I have already sent?

For email messages the short answer is that you cannot. Many people who use email at their office are able to cancel sent messages at work. That is possible only because everyone in the office is using the same mail server and the same client software.


To work effectively commands like these must be recognized by both the mail server and the mail client software on your recipient's computer. In such a closed and controlled environment it is relatively easy to implement a "cancel" or "supersede" command. However Internet mail is not a closed and controlled environment.


The recipient of your message is probably using a different mail server and different mail software. It is therefore not possible to cancel an email message after it leaves the Outbox on your computer. Your best option then is to send another email explaining that the previous message was sent in error.



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